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NBCC Approved Continuing Education Providers

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ACEPs are authorized to offer NBCC credit for programs that satisfy NBCC policy requirements (qualifying programs). ACEPs can add new qualifying programs without prior approval from NBCC.

How do I maintain my ACEP status?

ACEP Administrator Orientation

Because the ACEP administrator serves as the primary contact person with NBCC concerning all ACEP applications and administration, approval, and maintenance matters, an ACEP must immediately notify NBCC of any change regarding its ACEP administrator. It also is important that the administrator is appropriately trained to manage these responsibilities. This tutorial will support the ACEP administrator in their role and with Policy compliance.

ACEP Annual Maintenance Fee

You will be invoiced once a year for your ACEP annual maintenance fee. Please pay by the due date to avoid a late fee. Unless your contact information has changed, no additional information is required.

Third-Year Audit

You will receive a third-year audit notification at the end of your approval cycle. The notification will provide detailed instructions. In order to maintain your ACEP status, all required audit forms, materials and fees must be submitted by the due date.

Comply with the NBCC Continuing Education Provider Policy

ACEPs must comply with the NBCC Policy and directives.

Failure to properly maintain your ACEP status will jeopardize your status.

How can I grow as an ACEP?

Add a Program Delivery Format

If you are approved for only one program delivery format (either live event or home study), you can apply to add the other delivery format.

Cosponsor a Program

If you would like to partner with another continuing education provider and use your ACEP number or NBCC approval to offer NBCC credit for a qualifying program, you must first apply and be approved.

How can I advertise as an ACEP?

As a benefit, ACEPs can advertise qualifying approved programs on the NBCC CE Calendar of Events for free. Find all of the advertising options here.

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In addition, NBCC maintains an online ACEP Directory

NBCC offers a direct mailing advertising opportunity to promote your programs

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